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Soul Searching - Experiential Healing!
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Soul Searching - Experiential Healing!

  Soul Searching - When my book becomes an experiential healing! I penned this book following my mission trip to Luzon in August 2023, during a period when I was still navigating through my own emotional turbulence. Initially, my writing served as a cathartic outlet, a means to pour out the depths of my heart onto paper. Despite projecting an inspirational image publicly, I found it challenging to locate a confidant. Struggling to balance transparency with the fear of potential judgment, I recognized the inherent difficulty in revealing the rough side of one's life to others. Yearning for an unprejudiced outlet, I discovered solace in journaling. The act of expressing my thoughts and emotions on paper, free from external scrutiny, became a therapeutic sanctuary. In the intimate space of a journal, the paper and pen became non-judgmental witnesses to the raw, unfiltered narratives of my life. It provided me with the freedom to articulate my emotions without the fear of societal repe