Soul Searching - Experiential Healing!


Soul Searching - When my book becomes an experiential healing!

I penned this book following my mission trip to Luzon in August 2023, during a period when I was still navigating through my own emotional turbulence. Initially, my writing served as a cathartic outlet, a means to pour out the depths of my heart onto paper. Despite projecting an inspirational image publicly, I found it challenging to locate a confidant. Struggling to balance transparency with the fear of potential judgment, I recognized the inherent difficulty in revealing the rough side of one's life to others.

Yearning for an unprejudiced outlet, I discovered solace in journaling. The act of expressing my thoughts and emotions on paper, free from external scrutiny, became a therapeutic sanctuary. In the intimate space of a journal, the paper and pen became non-judgmental witnesses to the raw, unfiltered narratives of my life. It provided me with the freedom to articulate my emotions without the fear of societal repercussions. "It struck deep within my whole being. But at the same time, it felt like it took something really deep out of me as well," one reader said. 

However, this book extends beyond a mere personal chronicle. In delving into my own emotional landscape, it became a vessel for empathizing with the emotional struggles of others. "I have read the first few words but it felt like you have put words to what I have been keeping within my heart and soul," another reader said. The process of writing allowed me to step into the shoes of those who might have undergone or are currently undergoing experiences akin to my own. The journey that unfolds within the book is not exclusively a compilation of my personal experiences; it extends to encompass a broader spectrum of shared human emotions. "It serves as a reminder that flaws are a universal human experience, bringing people together on a search for understanding and contentment," another review from a reader.

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What readers will encounter within these pages is a mosaic of emotions, a collective exploration of the human experience. While grounded in my own journey, the book transcends individuality, resonating with the universal puzzle of emotions that connect us all. "Whenever I am sad, hurting or when I am failing, I used to write poems to which I remember myself within the pages of the book," a reader shared. 

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I am also grateful to have artist friends who collaborated in this project that brought more life to the output through digital arts. If you read this book, may you also remember our local artists, Dandan and Dom of D&D Creations and Tito Nim who gave their time and skills to bring the best out of this book. All in all, my newest book, Soul Searching - Poems and Confessions from Within, is an invitation to navigate through the labyrinth of feelings, acknowledging the shared vulnerabilities that unite us as human beings, all created and called by God for a purpose.

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